Creative Children Compose Music

CCCM was designed by music teachers and the heavy lifting is done by the app. This does not mean that the app does all the work. On the contrary. The app provides a starting point and an easy “erase and replace” mode allows for countless melody changes.

When the app loads, it switches to “practise mode” which means that any keys can be touched but none will be recorded.

Once the child feels ready to give it a try, the auto recording mode will start right after a red or grey block is touched (or clicked). There is also a visual clue that recording mode is on as the 15 blocks above the keyboard become more red and the contrast increases.

To show a child which block will be recorded, the block will blink. Right after recording-more is activated, the first red block will blink and the first key played will write a litter inside that block. After that it continues the same way. Play a key and advance to the next block.

Unlike other beginner apps which have color-coded keys, CCCM only marks the C major triad in red. Please note that only the keys get recorded which have letters in their left upper corner. This is by design and speeds up learning at the beginning stage which is why the number of recordable keys have been limited to six. Later modules will increase those keys and allow for more and more complex recordings to be made.

No matter if you use CCCM on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or any other computer, the web version of CCCM can save an image for the composition. The image name is myComposition. jpg and depending on the operating system, the picture could be in My Documents or on mobile devices it often ends up in the gallery. An easy way of finding the myComposition. jpg is to look where you device stores the photos you take. In that directory, you will also find the images of your songs. In short. If you can find your photos, you can find your compositions.

Take a tour of the Little Composers homepage and you will find a demo video which explains how to make your fist composition and if your child wants to become famous, send us a little photo of the Little Composers and the myComposition. jpg image and we will feature it in the Famous Little Composers Gallery (first 25 submissions only).

If you want to help us with improving Creative Children Compose Music or have a question or testimonial for us then we’d appreciated if you Give us your feedback.