Wikidpad — Wiki like notebook for store your ideas, to-do lists and contacts

Wikidpad is basically a wiki notebook which you can use for storage of your ideas, thoughts, contacts, to do lists and various other things. Unlike other notebook applications, the wikipad allows you to cross link your information. The links of a wiki are usually created when you type in the wiki words. The Wikidpad was released in the year 2005 by Jason Horman.

The wikidpad is not an application server or a web server, neither is it a groupware solution. The wikidpad is like a notebook application. It serves as an IDE for your various thoughts. The developers of software programs are now accustomed to certain kinds of features from an integrated development environment that makes their jobs much easier.

Wikidpad utilizes features such as auto completion, incremental search, outline views and the easy navigation of source code for addressing the personal information management problem. Wikidpad provides a place where you can store the massive information amount which you have in your head on your computer or sticky notes.

Wikidpad Software provides wikiword linking on the fly as you type. The auto completion of wikiword. Easy navigation of the wikiword Easy to Styling of wikitext Support for Wikiword History Wikiword document attributes To do lists Dynamic views Replace and Search Options Export to HTML AutoSave Outline or Tree view with more than a hundred icons File Linking and URL Intuitive Keybinding You data is all stored in the plain text.

Thus the Wikidpad is an efficient notebook like application which helps you to store your ideas and thoughts and manage your personal information very well.