Polaroid Tablet Firmware Installation Guide

Note: Please make sure that you backup your files to a computer before you update your tablet’s firmware. All content will be deleted. You can re-download your purchased and/or free apps from the Amazon Appstore once the firmware update is completed. Make sure that the firmware update that you are installing is higher or equal to your tablet’s current firmware version. You can check the version you are currently running by doing the following: Open «Settings» on the tablet, then select «About Device» and read the number under «Firmware version». The number you see here should be equal to or less than the Firmware version listed on our Updates webpage.

IMPORTANT: This step must be performed on a computer. Trying to download this file on your tablet will result in an unsuccessful firmware download as the file can not be unzipped on our Polaroid tablets. Please read through all instructions before proceeding.

6. Find the firmware file you downloaded from our support site. "Click and drag" or "Copy and paste" the Firmware file onto your tablet. Be sure not to place this file in any folders.

7. Now select "Turn off USB Storage " on the tablet’s screen, then unplug the tablet from the computer (step one says the Firmware version should be higher than the tablet’s current version. Actually, it must be higher or equal to).

8. You will now be directed to the firmware update dialog screen (be sure to carefully read the on-screen instructions before you proceed)

9. Make sure you have the tablet plugged in to a wall receptacle using the included AC adaptor (if the tablet powers off by accident during the install process, the tablet and the information can be corrupted).

11. You will receive a brief message that your device will reboot. At this point your tablet will go into "Recovery Mode". It is recommended that you do not move or unplug the device until the update process is completed.

12. When complete, you may be prompted to calibrate the screen. This means the update was successful and your tablet is now running the latest firmware version.

13. You can check the version you are currently running by doing the following: Open "Settings " on the tablet, then select "About Device " and read the number under "Firmware Version" .

14. Your tablet is now set to factory default settings. All settings such as date and time, wifi settings, email settings, and more will have to be reset.